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Death Above the LineDeath Above the Line

A California Zephyr Mystery

Jill McLeod is playing her real-life role as a Zephyrette in front of movie cameras after a director proclaims she’s “perfect for the part” in his film noir. Now she finds herself in a Niles, California, warehouse that’s been turned into a movie set. Her temp job as an actress would be a lark if it weren’t for the dark emotions and conflicts swirling around the cast and crew. Some have secrets they’d rather not share, and antipathy toward a visiting studio executive who enjoys wielding his power. Someone winds up dead, and once again Jill is investigating a murder. Can she discover the murderer in a new and unfamiliar milieu before the real-life villain catches up with her?

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“Agreeable [and] pleasantly nostalgic.”
Publishers Weekly

“Another great story in the life and times of Jill McLeod, Zephyrette and now actress… Jill and her friends are really nice people and get into these investigations because they are truly interested in finding the killer and taking away the threat to the rest of the characters.”
—Karen, Goodreads.com

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Praise for the California Zephyr Series:

“Dawson writes so convincingly, she could have been a Zephyrette.”
Mysterious Women

“This historical mystery is really a love song to a bygone way of life, when the luxury train known as the California Zephyr was in its heyday… the real star is the train, which is lovingly described, from its layout to its ingenious bedrooms to its cuisine. That’s worth the price of admission.”
—Roberta Alexander, Oakland Tribune

“A nostalgic, wonderfully detailed look at an era when trains were still a major mode of transportation and life.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The details of train travel, especially on the Zephyr, which ran from Oakland to Chicago, are wonderfully researched. The descriptions of sleeper cars, observation domes, and even the lounge cars make one want to hop aboard a train.”
Reviewing the Evidence